We will, we will Rockwell!

We’re in an industry where collaboration and teamwork are mandatory in all projects. From working with interior designers on furniture placement in the virtual world to coordinating with construction teams on installing larger than life interactive displays, we’re no strangers to interdisciplinary cooperation. While team efforts can sometimes present certain challenges, we believe that a successful collaboration breeds top notch work. In the case of Rockwell, our goal was to produce a high quality, polished animation alongside a roster of ultra-talented individuals — and we needed to do this from 2,636 miles away.

Oyster Development tasked us with one objective: to showcase the effortless class of the iconic Folsom Street neighbourhood, all while highlighting the architecture and amenities of this new San Francisco development. The answer was a composited animation featuring live-action footage integrated into a 3D virtual space. It features a couple getting ready for the evening, heading out for dinner and a drink, and returning to enjoy the amenities available to future Rockwell residents in their yet-to-be-built home.

Working alongside a team of seasoned professionals is always an exciting journey. Yes, creating great things on our own is always gratifying; but, what really resonated with us was being a part of the experienced team assembled by Polaris Pacific, including Allis Inc who was in charge of the overall production (assisted by Lee Anne Weldon), Eric Noren as the lead Director, and a crew of stylists and talent whose contributions proved to be immeasurable.

We like to think of ourselves as an integral part of a larger team on every project, creatively interpreting and iteratively developing input from a wide array of team members. We believe that the strongest and most impactful projects we’ve worked on always comes out of a collaborative environment, where everybody involved is given the opportunity to play to their strengths and contribute to the end goal: creating something memorable that speaks to our audience.

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