Walking the Walk: Designstor Walkable VR for 567 Clarke + Como

You probably already know how important a model suite is in the process of selling a new development. We humans are easily confused by things like plans and dimensions, and we greatly prefer a physical experience over looking at pictures when it comes to understanding spaces. By doing this, we create spatial memory and help build an emotional connection to something we might want to call home.

That emotional connection is exactly what we were aiming for when we built a different kind of model suite for Marcon Development’s 567 Clarke + Como. In this case, our model suite was a virtual one, taking the form of a walkable VR experience. For those that don’t know, walkable VR is just as it sounds: a virtual experience – in this case, a penthouse model suite – that allows participants to physically walk through a virtual environment.

The results speak for themselves: The penthouse units sold, thanks in part to purchasers being able to see for themselves what living on the 49th floor would really be like. While our VR model suite wasn’t the only reason for sales success, it was a key tool employed by a savvy developer that realizes the profound power of the technology involved, and the emotional connections it can enable.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Take a more in depth look at the project here or, better yet, get in touch to experience for yourself.