Touchscreens: The Magic Touch

If you’ve ever been to a condominium sales gallery (and if you’re reading this, there’s a huge chance that you have), you’ll know that a key component of the sales experience for the past decade has been the Touchscreen. Yes, the venerable Touchscreen has been with us for a long time, and has become so ubiquitous that it is often a shock NOT to see one. It’s no surprise that touchscreens have proven to be important tools for engaging and informing visitors to the sales gallery. 

What might surprise you, though, is to know that Designstor has produced touchscreen applications for more than 40 projects over the past several years. It surprised us too, so much so that we felt it was worth this snazzy graphic:

Touchscreen Mosaic revised

While we use the term “touchscreen” here, we are really referring to a variety of touch-enabled devices and, most importantly, the applications that run on them. A touchscreen is just a piece of hardware; an application is the magic inside. At Designstor, we’ve developed a standard application framework called “The One” that encompasses the core functionality of a robust sales and marketing application. We use The One on a multitude of touch-enabled devices, from 65” touchscreens to through-glass touch tables to iPads and other tablets. The One works in all these flavors and provides us with a flexible foundation on which to build customized, engaging sales and presentation applications. The One is 100% Designstor, custom built by our development team and refined through years of actual experience.

Lumina San Francisco

The One used in a podium-mounted touchscreen at Lumina in San Francisco.

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