The OMG Factor: Building Our New Office With The Hololens

While gearing up to relocate Designstor in May we had an “aha” moment when we realized this was the perfect opportunity to test our applications with the Hololens and HTC Vive on ourselves. We could experience firsthand what it would be like to design and plan a space pre-construction using our own services.

In today’s tech-advanced world, when it comes to space planning, generally speaking, we see three options:

  1. You can do a traditional space plan and get a (perhaps limited) sense of the space
  2. You can do a VR space plan and get an immersive sense of space from a local environment i.e. Not the actual space itself, but rather in the comfort of your own home or office


  1. Or you can go to the actual space itself, walk around it, and be able to see right there what it will look like complete with walls and doors. This provides a sense of space in its truest possible form.

    Naturally, we opted for the last option and began with the Hololens. The Hololens is immensely intelligent. It has full spatial awareness and can be used to understand and work around any potential questions and concerns which may arise during the space planning phase- like lines of sight, proximity to doors and windows, claustrophobia and more. We took the Hololens to our new space and turned a completely unbuilt area into a fully realized office with walls, doors, tables and chairs, kitchen counters and cabinetry. Suddenly the REALITY of the space we are set to move into hit us. We went from concepts on paper to hallways we could walk through- without a single hammer hitting a nail. It was truly a mind blowing experience.


Hololens Mesh Scan
The Hololens performing a mesh scan of our new office space


Hololens view of Designstor new office with furniture
The view from the Hololens of our new office with walls and furniture

The brilliant thing about the Hololens is that it offers multiple ways to visualize a future space, especially if you do not have access to it pre-construction. Holographic dollhouses can be viewed at a smaller scale, and give a much fuller representation of space than looking at schematic drawings on paper.

Designstor Hololens Dollhouse model
A dollhouse model of our new office

Next up- we produce a virtual version of our new office which we can explore remotely using the HTC  Vive…stay tuned!

Questions about how you could use the Hololens?

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