Suite by Designstor

Your Suite Questions Answered

We recently launched Suite out of a desire to provide what new residential developments need most: more visualization content. Suite breaks away from the typical “per rendering” model and provides everything in one package: renderings, animation, social media assets, and optional VR experiences. Suite leverages Designstor’s unique rendering workflow and experience, allowing us to provide extra content with minimal cost and effort.

We recognize you probably have a couple of questions about how Suite works, so we’ve taken the time to answer some of those more frequently asked questions here.

What are the benefits of Suite?

      • Cost effective: Compared to the standard process, Suite provides more assets at a lower cost, period. Request a pricing sheet for more info.
      • Efficient: Suite leverages the work Designstor performs in creating renderings and provides a smooth path to other sales driven content.
      • Variety: Suite gives you more variety of visual imagery of your development. You can use this variety of content to create fresh marketing initiatives that don’t repeat the same renderings over and over.

Who should use Suite?

Any team preparing to market and sell a new residential development can benefit from Suite. Here are some scenarios:

      • Penthouse collection
      • Townhome development
      • Amenities presentation
      • Master Community

How much does Suite cost?

Less than you’d think! Get in touch with us for complete quotes.

How is Suite different from just doing renderings and animation?

Suite is different because it considers projects as a whole rather than in pieces. We know what visual assets are needed in order to sell, so we’ve created technology and workflow that allowed us to do it more efficiently – and cost effectively – than others.

Will Suite make my job easier or save me time?

Yes! Suite will save you time and make your job easier in the following ways:

  1. Save time in making creative briefs
  2. Streamlined process means fewer decisions need to be made
  3. One source of all work means consistent communication and timing

I only want _______ from the Suite package. What do I do?

If you only need one piece of Suite, we can provide standard quotes for your needs as always!

Tell me more about Suite Social!

The social media assets are purposefully formatted outtakes and vignettes that we create during our process. They could be close-up details, short movie clips or strategically cropped renderings. We provide them at the proper size for all social platforms. Suite social gives you bonus marketing content that is publish-ready, no need to edit or format anything!

How does Suite movie work? Do I need to provide direction and story?

With Suite Movie, we create cinematic movements (fly-throughs) that travel through Suite Render spaces. You don’t need to provide anything, unless you’d like to. We have years of experience in creating engaging animations, and we aim to ease the process and time that it takes.

I have a cool idea for Suite movie where a helicopter flies through the city, and a gorgeous couple drive around in a Ferrari and pull up to the entrance of my building. Can we do that?

Yes we can! But not within the Suite boundaries. This is custom stuff and we’d be happy to discuss it!

I only need Suite Interactive for my project. Can I do that?

Yes you can! Suite Interactive can be done as a stand-alone service.

What is the general timeline for Suite?

Suite timelines vary depending on scope. Typical developments are 4 – 6 weeks from receipt of design information to delivery. Many developments are completed in a staggered fashion so as to provide assets early and continuously.

Suite sounds like just what I’m looking for! How can I get started?

Great! Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll help you get started.