Rowan San Francisco

Rowan San Francisco: A Noble Lineage

Continuing along in our string of San Francisco projects is Rowan, a mid-rise condo that launches today.  We’re thrilled to be involved in this development and wish Trumark Urban all the best on this exciting day!

Rowan is the descendant to an application that was first deployed some three years ago. Its great-great grandmother was a real-time 3D presentation that explored the building and the city skyline via direct touch screen interaction. Filters highlight available suites, and allow people to browse interior renderings, views, and to save selected floorplans into a “favourites” section for side-by-side comparison. In addition, all applications of this lineage include neighbourhood map sections, amenity features, and general information about all parties involved in the building project.




Rowan san Francisco


Of course, the surface similarities stop there, as the latest generation of our standard real-time 3D app has been re-coded from the ground up in a customised 3D engine. And, of course, we’ve improved on a number of details, including the realism of the 3D model and, perhaps most importantly, the intuitiveness of the user interface. Indeed, Rowan San Francisco in the easiest to use sales centre application we’ve deployed to date.  



On the hardware side, we have also implemented a host of modifications. But the general setup has remained more or less the same: this is a direct touch display hooked up to a computer equipped with a powerful graphics card. At Rowan, this computer is located directly in the adjacent ventilated cabinetry (super-quiet fans ensure virtually zero distracting noise), though, given the proper cabling, we can locate these machines in server rooms at distances of up to 100 metres.

It’s worth noting that there are table implementations of the same software. That is, this same application can be (and has been!) installed in a glass-topped table with touch film to resemble a giant iPad.  Or, if you’re old enough, this will bring to mind sit-down video game machines from days of yore. We’re currently working on the next generation of these that will be in gorgeous 4K resolution, which is some pretty high-res PacMan.

Coming up in November, Designstor is looking forward to yet another launch. And, although it will share a common codebase to Rowan, as with all Designstor installations, it will be highly customised to meet the particular needs and aesthetic of that project: assets, design and UI tweaks are always done from scratch so that no two deployments are visually alike. Stay tuned for updates!

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