GearVR is a standalone VR headset with 3 degrees of tracking. While you cannot walk around a virtual space, you can explore one using hotspot navigation, in either realtime stylised experiences, or high quality pre-rendered stereoscopic VRs. 

Standalone or Combined with other Experiences

Oculus GO is a completely standalone experience, not requiring any other additional hardware. It can however be paired with other experiences running on tablets and touch screens, allowing users to follow along, and even control aspects of the VR users experience.

High-Quality Stereoscopic VR

Although the hardware for realtime 3D rendering is unable to run our photorealistic scenes, our applications can be designed to create a similar experience using pre-rendered stereoscopic renders that create a sense of true depth.

Stylised Realtime 3D

Oculus GO is capable of running stylised realtime 3D scenes such as massing models. These can include simpler building models, or model suites.

Easy to use

The barrier to entry is significantly lower with Oculus GO. Users can simply hold the device up to their face and instantly be transported into a VR experience.


Waterfront Landing
Waterfront Landing
Experience Mixed and Virtual Reality
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