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The (B)Lab is back!

By January 2, 2020 January 6th, 2020 No Comments

It’s a new year and time for this old dog to (re)learn some new tricks. We’ve resurrectied The (b)lab, our anything-goes platform dedicated to rendering, technology, development and…well, many topics of lesser concern but equal importance (like beer).

Back in the late-2000’s we started the (b)lab – our company blog – and pumped out some weird and wonderful thoughts ranging from the potential of digital tools to control weather to an office-wide debate on the best type of cheese. We went on a long journey, taking a break along the way to gather ourselves and think long and hard about what to do next. The answer was simple: bring back the fun, which means bringing back the (b)lab!

We’re excited to be back, and excited to have you come along for the ride!