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We’re Moving-ish!

It is said that moving is never fun, but we at Designstor aim to change that antiquated way of thinking! Like a spirited family vacation across the country in a rented RV, we’ll be heading out on an adventure of epic proportions, full of experiences that will have a lasting impact on our collective lives. […]

Join Our Team!

Designstor is looking for an Intermediate Visualization Artist. Could that be you? Company Overview Designstor (www.designstor.com) is a creative technology company that provides 3D visualization services, interactive solutions and VR/AR solutions to clients throughout the North American real estate industry and architectural design sector. We pride ourselves in our agility, remarkable capabilities for our size and […]

Walking the Walk: Designstor Walkable VR for 567 Clarke + Como

You probably already know how important a model suite is in the process of selling a new development. We humans are easily confused by things like plans and dimensions, and we greatly prefer a physical experience over looking at pictures when it comes to understanding spaces. By doing this, we create spatial memory and help build an emotional […]

Shutting Down & Shaping Up

It’s that time of year again here at Designstor, when the need for some technical fine-tuning takes reign, and we graciously step aside to let our IT team do their thing. From Monday, July 2nd to Friday, July 6th, Designstor will be closed for our annual Summer Shutdown. During this time, maintenance, upgrades, and restoration (of both […]
Suite by Designstor

Your Suite Questions Answered

We recently launched Suite out of a desire to provide what new residential developments need most: more visualization content. Suite breaks away from the typical “per rendering” model and provides everything in one package: renderings, animation, social media assets, and optional VR experiences. Suite leverages Designstor’s unique rendering workflow and experience, allowing us to provide […]
HTC Vive


We’re really excited about the launch of Suite and to share the excitement we’re doing a promo for the month of May.  All contracts signed in May for a Suite package with VR will come with a free HTC Vive. Yes. We’re giving away HTC Vives. Sounds like a #suitedeal to us.
Hololens Mesh Scan

The OMG Factor: Building Our New Office With The Hololens

While gearing up to relocate Designstor in May we had an “aha” moment when we realized this was the perfect opportunity to test our applications with the Hololens and HTC Vive on ourselves. We could experience firsthand what it would be like to design and plan a space pre-construction using our own services. In today’s […]
Designstor moving graphic

We’re Moving!

A month ago we announced an updated look to our brand identity alongside a new website design and logo. This month we’re keeping the momentum going with another big announcement… We’re moving. Moving as in: box all of your belongings, pack up all the servers, turn the lights off, and say hello to a brand new […]

Notice Anything Different?

Much has changed since Designstor was founded in 2000, and much will continue to change as we grow. When we entered the visualization space in Toronto, it was from an ant-sized office atop a melting wax artist’s studio. Like most humble beginnings, it took great work with even better clients to turn our wax coated […]