Notice Anything Different?

Much has changed since Designstor was founded in 2000, and much will continue to change as we grow. When we entered the visualization space in Toronto, it was from an ant-sized office atop a melting wax artist’s studio. Like most humble beginnings, it took great work with even better clients to turn our wax coated dreams to reality. We have evolved since then, expanding our space, refining our services and building an incredible team, and we felt it was time that our identity evolved as well.

Our new identity was created in a truly collaborative experience with the good folks at Frontier. The process was invigorating, therapeutic and informative, and we learned a lot about ourselves. The result is something we feel is uniquely us: experienced, flexible, bold, approachable, inventive, fun. Our new logo encapsulates these qualities, and puts to rest a long-standing struggle: Should we use a capital or lowercase “d” in our name? (Answer: both!)

Designstor New Logo evolution   Designstor New Logo

Our website has been updated to match our new look, and we invite you to tour around. You will also find our new brand updated on our social channels, so feel free to follow our journey as we continue to produce great work, and lead the charge as a creative technology and visualization company.

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