We’re Moving-ish!

It is said that moving is never fun, but we at Designstor aim to change that antiquated way of thinking! Like a spirited family vacation across the country in a rented RV, we’ll be heading out on an adventure of epic proportions, full of experiences that will have a lasting impact on our collective lives. […]

Join Our Team!

Designstor is looking for an Intermediate Visualization Artist. Could that be you? Company Overview Designstor (www.designstor.com) is a creative technology company that provides 3D visualization services, interactive solutions and VR/AR solutions to clients throughout the North American real estate industry and architectural design sector. We pride ourselves in our agility, remarkable capabilities for our size and […]

The importance of scale in VR

Scale for VR At Designstor we pride ourselves on the level of immersion experienced in our VR solutions. Our walkable VR in particular gives the end user a very real sense that they are not just looking at an image but that they are actually present in a space. There are many things that we […]

Walking the Walk: Designstor Walkable VR for 567 Clarke + Como

You probably already know how important a model suite is in the process of selling a new development. We humans are easily confused by things like plans and dimensions, and we greatly prefer a physical experience over looking at pictures when it comes to understanding spaces. By doing this, we create spatial memory and help build an emotional […]

Shutting Down & Shaping Up

It’s that time of year again here at Designstor, when the need for some technical fine-tuning takes reign, and we graciously step aside to let our IT team do their thing. From Monday, July 2nd to Friday, July 6th, Designstor will be closed for our annual Summer Shutdown. During this time, maintenance, upgrades, and restoration (of both […]
The Well Toronto

Touchscreens: The Magic Touch

If you’ve ever been to a condominium sales gallery (and if you’re reading this, there’s a huge chance that you have), you’ll know that a key component of the sales experience for the past decade has been the Touchscreen. Yes, the venerable Touchscreen has been with us for a long time, and has become so […]

ULI Fall Meeting x Designstor

If you’re headed to the ULI Fall conference, we’d love to meet you!  Who are we, you ask?  We’re Designstor, a creative technology and visualization company, and we help sell new developments. We create truly persuasive tools and content for all development types: Interactive Applications We create beautifully useful applications for all types of interactive displays; from […]

CAMH: A Collaborative VR Experience

If you’ve ever been involved in the design and implementation of a new institutional development, you’ll be familiar with the challenges of receiving approvals from stakeholders. An institutional building needs to last for decades, and the decisions made at the design stage are critical in defining the usability and, ultimately, longevity of the project. Designstor […]
Suite by Designstor

Your Suite Questions Answered

We recently launched Suite out of a desire to provide what new residential developments need most: more visualization content. Suite breaks away from the typical “per rendering” model and provides everything in one package: renderings, animation, social media assets, and optional VR experiences. Suite leverages Designstor’s unique rendering workflow and experience, allowing us to provide […]